What Is PinkREADY?

PinkREADY is a transformation program, risk identification, and mitigation planning service that enables customers to realize the promised benefits of their programs and projects, avoid unnecessary costs, and support organizational change.

Why is this important? Many process improvement initiatives fail because risks and barriers are not properly identified before the start of a major change. Increase your chances of success by using PinkREADY.

How Does PinkREADY Work?

A Pink Elephant expert consultant facilitates your transformation readiness and risk assessment by reviewing the “health” of 22 critical success factors necessary for program/project success, based on several best practice models and Pink Elephant’s extensive 20 years of organizational change management experience. The service leverages a comprehensive survey for management and staff and a facilitated risk analysis/planning workshop to deliver three key outcomes:

Who Is PinkREADY For?

PinkREADY is aimed at organizations that are starting major change initiatives or those already progressing through a change and are experiencing problems. Depending on which of these critical questions you face, Pink Elephant works with key stakeholders, including management, staff, and contractors to find the answer:

What Are the Benefits?

What Do You Get With PinkREADY?

Here are more reasons to consider making PinkREADY a core aspect of your transformation programs:

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