Integrated Service Management Certification Courses

Is your brain tangled up in a big messy ball of framework fatigue?... Don’t worry. We got this!

Integration Drives MAXIMUM Business Value

Delivering high quality IT services is the goal!

Many different models and frameworks are springing up to help increase speed, improve reliability, and reduce costs.

ITIL®, Agile, Lean and DevOps have all become essential tools to drive business value and high-quality customer service. However, the growing challenge for IT professionals is understanding how to integrate best practices from all models with a “fit for purpose” approach.

Pink Elephant’s new and unique Integrated Service Management course provides IT managers with the in-depth knowledge needed to untangle the many layers of best practices and avoid ‘framework fatigue.'

3 Ways To Better Understand Integrated Service Management

Integrated Service Management Essentials™ Certification Course

Pink leads the way....again!

No one else offers you an "integrated" view of IT Service Management (ITSM). We give you a crucial look at how many business approaches can and should all work together.

This is one of the most POWERFUL and RELEVANT new certification courses in the industry.

Why? Today's successful IT organizations have gained an understanding of how many different frameworks and approaches work together. ALL provide positive contributions – the trick is to understand "fit for purpose." We show you how!

Integrated Service Management Essentials addresses how ITIL, Lean, Agile, DevOps, Organizational Change Management and Business Relationship Management practices collectively enable process acceleration, increase efficiency, lower costs and deliver business value. The course promotes the view that an 'integrated' approach to managing these practices is needed (and explains exactly how), and that it is not a matter of "which one do we choose?"

Faster. Better. Cheaper – in action!

Integrated Service Management Overview™

Here's a quick way to learn how to connect the dots and get everyone on board – plus it's a great team-building exercise!

Bring Pink Elephant on-site to your location to deliver a one-day Integrated Service Management overview.

Learn the essential knowledge needed to adopt new practices and adapt service management processes to deliver business value throughout your organization.


The Interactive Service Management Experience: MarsLander®

An exciting and experiential interactive training workshop, and an amazing team-building experience!

Flex the team’s Integrated Service Management muscle to launch a rocket, and use Agile and Lean principles to land it on Mars. You get to prove that it’s not all rocket science after all!

As the Integrated Service Management Experience: MarsLander scenario progresses, participants will learn how to use Integrated Service Management – proven ITSM capabilities and Lean, Agile and DevOps practices – to produce tangible results and achieve all mission goals.

Raving Fans

“A very informative course. It helped me connect the dots on how ITIL, Agile, Lean, and DevOps actually work together to help IT be more efficient and effective as a service provider.”
“Pink is really leading the way with the new Integrated Service Management Essentials course. It's something our industry has really needed the last couple of years.”
“This course really put together all the pieces!”