ITSM/ITIL® Certification Courses

IT Service Management Essentials

This certification course provides IT professionals with the essential knowledge required to understand IT service management as a quality system, and for ensuring IT services are provisioned and supported to high standards of effectiveness, availability, reliability – producing meaningful and expected results.


ITIL 4 Foundation

Pink Elephant has trained more people on ITIL® than any other supplier in the world! The ITIL 4 Foundation course is the first course in the certification scheme and is a mandatory prerequisite for all other courses.


ITIL 4 Specialist – Create, Deliver & Support

This ITIL 4 advance course covers the core service management activities and expands beyond the current scope of ITIL v3 to cover the ‘creation’ and delivery of services.


ITIL 4 Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value

This ITIL 4 advance course provides guidance on how to create business value through well-managed IT–enabled services and strong internal and external stakeholder relationships.


ITIL 4 Specialist – High Velocity IT

This ITIL 4 advance course encompasses the ways in which organizations and digital operating models function in high–velocity environments, with a focus on the quick delivery of products and services to gain maximum business value.


ITIL 4 Strategist – Direct, Plan & Improve

This ITIL 4 advanced course provides IT practitioners with the practical skills necessary to create a ‘learning and improving’ IT organization with a strong and effective strategic direction.

ITIL 4 ITSM Leadership

ITIL 4 Leader – Digital & IT Strategy

This ITIL 4 certification course focuses on the challenges associated with developing a digital strategy as well as highlighting how to align a digital business strategy with an IT strategy for business success.

ITIL 4 ITSM Leadership

ITSM Overview

We’ll tailor the ITSM Overview content to meet your precise needs – incorporating the essential knowledge you seek for all the different levels in your IT organization from operational staff to executive levels.


Service Configuration Management Specialist

This two-day certification course goes beyond ITIL 4 theory related to service configuration management, and takes a deep dive into the design, deployment, and management required for a sustainable service configuration management practice.


Problem Management: Root Cause Analysis Specialist

This interactive workshop will provide you with a practical, structured approach to applying established root cause analysis principles and techniques in order to identify the sources of recurring incidents and service downtimes.

ITSM Problem Management Root Cause Analysis

IT Service Management Strategic Roadmap

This workshop will provide you with the strategic knowledge you will require to navigate around common pitfalls and establish an ITSM improvement project that delivers tangible results with the highest likelihood for success.

ITSM Leadership

Service Catalog Specialist

The course goes beyond the ITIL theoretical guidance for Service Catalog Management and focuses on explaining how to plan for, design, build, implement and maintain a Service Catalog that will meet your business needs.