PinkVERIFY™ Overview

The Industry’s #1 Stamp of Approval for ITSM Tools

Savvy IT practitioners and software vendors understand the importance of a PinkVERIFY-certified toolset.

Recognized as the assessment certification to achieve for IT service management software – it demonstrates a superior commitment to ITIL® best practices needed to support specific processes.

What Is PinkVERIFY?

Since 1998, PinkVERIFY has been endorsed by the IT service management community as an internationally recognized ITSM tool suite assessment service. It was developed to:

  • Help ITIL/ITSM practitioners identify software tools that can support their process improvement initiatives
  • Provide ITSM tool vendors and service providers with a process to demonstrate and certify a product’s compatibility with ITIL best practices

PinkVERIFY certification allows software tool vendors to hold a valid PinkVERIFY trademark license and use the PinkVERIFY logo for marketing purposes.

PinkVERIFY represents a beacon of quality and trust because each PinkVERIFY-certified tool has been rigorously assessed by Pink’s expert consultants to determine the tool’s compatibility with numerous ITIL v3 processes and ITIL 4 practices, as well as terminology, functionality, integration, and workflow requirements.


PinkVERIFY was updated in 2011 to reference the new processes and requirements that came with ITIL v3. The full scope for PinkVERIFY 2011 includes the following 16 ITIL v3 processes:

Asset Management
Availability Management
Capacity Management 
Change Management
Event Management
Financial Management
Incident Management
IT Service Continuity Management

Knowledge Management
Problem Management
Release & Deployment Management
Request Fulfillment 
Service Asset & Configuration Management
Service Catalog Management
Service Level Management
Service Portfolio Management

Check out the list of the 60 software tool vendors who are currently PinkVERIFY-certified.

If you are a vendor looking to see if your tool set is ITIL v3-compatible, contact Lisa Lyons at 1-888-273-PINK ext. 228 or to receive your FREE self-assessment criteria forms.

NEW! – ITIL 4 Practices

ITIL 4 was released and Pink Elephant recently began work to add new ITIL 4 practices to the PinkVERIFY assessment. There are currently 22 ITIL 4 practices available for assessment, with new practices being introduced on an ongoing basis between now and throughout 2021. The 22 ITIL 4 practices include:

Availability Management
Capacity and Performance Management
Change Enablement
Deployment Management
Incident Management
Infrastructure and Platform Management
IT Asset Management
Knowledge Management
Monitoring and Event Management
Portfolio Management
Problem Management

Project Management
Release Management
Service Catalog Management
Service Configuration Management
Service Continuity Management
Service Desk
Service Financial Management
Service Level Management
Service Request Management
Service Validation and Testing
Workforce and Talent Management

Check out the list of PinkVERIFY certified ITIL 4 toolsets.

If you are a vendor looking to see if your tool set is ITIL 4-compatible, contact Lisa Lyons at 1-888-273-PINK ext. 228 or to receive your FREE self-assessment.

The Benefits

All tools that achieve PinkVERIFY status are awarded a certificate of pass, as well as the ability to put Pink Elephant’s PinkVERIFY logo on their marketing materials. When choosing a tool, be sure to look for the PinkVERIFY certificate of approval or the PinkVERIFY logo.

If you’re a practitioner:

  • PinkVERIFY helps you identify ITSM tools that support your use of ITIL processes/practices
  • PinkVERIFY gives you confidence the tool has achieved a level of alignment with the ITIL processes/practices through its workflows, functionality, terminology, and documentation.

If you’re a software vendor:

  • Since 1998, your prospective customers have looked at the PinkVERIFY tool list as the first step in identifying products for their RFP short list
  • PinkVERIFY provides you with a process to demonstrate and certify your product’s ITIL compatibility for workflows, functionality, terminology, and documentation against general platform, core, and integration criteria

Interested in Getting a Quote?

If you’re a software tool vendor interested in getting more information, including a quote for a PinkVERIFY assessment, contact Lisa Lyons at 1-888-273-PINK ext. 228 or

AXELOS ITIL Software Scheme

PinkVERIFY is the world’s most sought-after certification for tool sets. AXELOS, the owner of ITIL, also provides tool-set certification for which Pink Elephant is the primary license software assessor. Click here for more information.


Is your IT organization looking for assistance to choose an ITIL-compatible software tool?

Completely vendor neutral, PinkSELECT is a comprehensive and multi-faceted service offered to IT organizations who want assistance with the end-to-end RFP and tool selection process. Click here to read all the details. Also, for your reference, click here for a list of more than 60 PinkVERIFY-certified vendors and tool sets.

PinkVERIFY What You Need To Know